Spring 2017 Bingo Wrap-Up

June 2, 2017 Links and Silliness 0

And lo, another season of Pretty Deadly Reviews’s Bookish Bingo has come to an end. I was doing so well and was on my way to a bingo and theeeeeeeeeeeeeen life hit. Kai’s passing really eliminated my desire to read for a while and I started playing video games more instead. (Specifically the Yo Kai Watch games and various Pokemon games.)

So I was one away from bingo in three ways but couldn’t quite get there. I like to challenge myself and only count the books I reviewed. If I didn’t do that, I’d have at least one bingo thank to the “adapted to TV/movie” square.


Spring 2017 Bingo 13 If You're Lucky

Paranormal: The Devil and Winnie Flynn

Just Words on Cover: Gemina

Spring Release: Alex, Approximately

Nonfiction: Girl Code

Thriller: If You’re Lucky

Purple Cover: Follow Me Back

POC on Cover: You’re Welcome, Universe

Multi POV: A List of Cages

LGBT Main Character: Unbecoming

2017 Debut: The Hidden Memory of Objects

Historical: The Lost Girl of Astor Street

Scary: The Women in the Walls

Blue Cover: Letters to the Lost

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