“Where Are You, Paige???”

November 2, 2017 Announcements, Links and Silliness 0

So, yeah. I haven’t been around for a bit, especially in October. What have I been doing to keep me from posting?

Not reading. Lately, I simply haven’t wanted to read. One of my current reads is one I started over a month ago. Hell, I’ve read so little lately that I genuinely have no reviews to write or publish at the moment other than one for a book that comes out in 2018. It’s waaaay too early to publish that review, so I’ve got no current content.

Looking for a job. Starting in June, I went through a mass hiring process for a company that was bringing a ton of jobs to my city. My drug test came back clear, I had all my documents in order, and they’ve been emailing me periodically since late July with updates as construction on their building was delayed by the seasonal rains and Hurricane Irma, among other things. In each form email, they assured me my job offer was still active and they would have a Hew Hire Orientation date for me soon.

I finally got a different email over a week ago saying they’d hired all the workers they planned to, but I was welcome to go through the mass hiring process again for a seasonal job at the warehouse. After months of being left hanging for a job I was assured I had, they cut me loose and I decided I would rather work somewhere else than go through that experience again.

Now I’m back to actively applying for jobs.

Gaming. Yeah, I haven’t been in a reading mood, but I’ve definitely been in a gaming mood in the lead-up Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon. I’ve replayed the Gen 6 Pokemon games, gone legendary-hunting with excellent results, and been tracking Pokemon news in addition to wasting a lot of time on Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It’s a really relaxing game and the daily shitstorm of politics courtesy of our illegitimately elected president/his spineless supporters in Congress mean I need to fucking relax.

Going to the doctor. October was my month of doctor visits. Saw my primary care physician, got blood draawn, saw the PCP again to get referrals to dermatology and psychiatry as well as some new meds to help with my sleep/OCD issues, and saw that dermatologist Monday. I got the official diagnosis of having cystic acne as well as a cyst on my earlobe, so now I’ve got more meds to treat those problems. If they don’t work, we’ve got other methods to try in 2018. I’ll be seeing the psychiatry people shortly to get stronger meds for my generalized anxiety disorder and hopefully work through some of my issues.


Screaming about the latest Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon news. I MEAN COME ON, A SUPER TEAM MADE UP OF THE VILLAINS OF POKEMON GAMES PAST. I am literally writing fanfic about how Giovanni brought them together and informed them he’d be leading as well as calling their group Team Rainbow Rocket. It’s a name so utterly silly and lacking in gravitas that I just had to explore how the hell that happened. See this Twitter thread for some of it.

Screaming about everything, both good and bad. The Last Jedi. Arrests being made and charges being brought in the Trussia collusion investigation (I AM NOT CALLING THAT SHIT RUSSIAGATE). My cats being assholes and constantly picking fights because Nala is just a tiny ball of furry fury. My senator Marco Rubio and representative Ted Yoho being SUCH ENORMOUS GODDAMN PENISES I DEEPLY DISLIKE HAVING THEM REPRESENT ME IN CONGRESS. Literally everything Trump does because he makes the worst possible choice in every situation.

There’s a lot to scream about.

Well, that’s what I’ve been up to and will continue to be up to.

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