About Me


As of August 12, 2015, my name is legally Paige! If you address an email to me and call me Paige instead of Ashleigh, I love you more than the average person.

Supposedly, I’ve always been a fan of reading. I don’t quite remember it that way. What I remember is falling in love with books after discovering the Vampire Kisses series by Ellen Schreiber. I was thirteen and the date was October 25, 2007, and I haven’t looked back since.

My love affair with reviewing started in September 2010. One of my closest friends had just graduated high school/started college and because I no longer had someone I could call anytime and babble about books to, I decided to start a blog and babble at the Internet instead. Since then, I’ve changed my blog’s name three times (what I chose when I signed up, the name I went with when I posted my first review, the second name that must never be spoken of, and the first incarnation of The YA Kitten on Blogger) and moved twice (first to Birth of a New Witch and then to The YA Kitten as a self-hosted site) but have stayed constant in my dedication to reviewing books and generally having bookish fun.

YA contemporary novels are my favorites, but I will always have a soft spot for a good YA novel with vampires. YA sci-fi novels and YA dystopians are my least favorite genres to read, as I dislike science and care deeply about the why/how of worldbuilding, so a book usually loses me when its explanations for technology and how the world got the way it is come off as complete bull and unbelievable to me. Like most readers, I can really suspend my disbelief for fiction, but I have my limits. YA fantasy hasn’t been good to me lately either because so many of them fall back on sexist tropes. My favorite subjects include stalking, magical realism, obsession, and unreliable narrators; werewolves (really were-anythings) are typically my least favorite subjects. Stupid sexist systems full of inaccuracies.

But me? I’m a twenty-three-year-old college graduate with a B.A. in English accompanied by minors in Creative Writing and Gender Studies. When not blogging or reading, I enjoy writing my own novels, working in Photoshop, playing video games, burning scented candles, swearing, cuddling my four cats, cleaning/rearranging my room, and annoying other people about their adorable cats.

And if you must ask, I am most definitely a fan of cats.