Contact Me/Review Policy

I do not accept review requests for adult novels, nonfiction, or self-published novels. Thank you for considering me if you want to send me a review request for one of the above-listed kinds of work, but they are not what I read. Requests accepted via email only.

I am currently open to receiving review requests for advance reader copies, finished copies, and audiobooks from publishers, publicists, and authors. My policies for review requests are as follows.

What I accept for review:

  • YA novels of any genre (dystopian, fantasy, contemporary, paranormal, etc.)
  • Rarely, urban fantasy and middle-grade novels

What I do not accept for review:

  • Adult novels of any genre other than urban fantasy (literary fiction, thrillers, romance, etc.)
  • Nonfiction novels
  • Self-published novels

If I receive a review request for a type of novel I do not accept for review, I will not respond. I try my best to respond within a week, but don’t be afraid to ping me with a followup! I’ll often forget an email is in my inbox only to rediscover it two or three weeks later and feel so embarrassed I can’t make myself compose a reply.

What formats I accept novels in:

  • print copies
  • digital copies (preferred formats are MOBI, PDF, and EPUB)

The source of my copy of the novel is cited at the beginning of every review and books sent to me/accepted for review are top priority. I have no preference between print and digital.

My posting policies/conditions:

  • On this blog, The YA Kitten: reviews for released books are posted on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays when I have reviews ready; reviews for ARCs are posted roughly two weeks before the release date. This comes with some flexibility to make it fit my blogging schedule and my life.
  • My Amazon account: reviews for released books are posted as soon as the review is finished; reviews for ARCs are posted as soon after the publication date as possible.
  • My Goodreads account: I had close to 1,000 followers before I deleted my former account there, but I am slowly building my presence on the site back up and am at 250-ish right now. Reviews may be posted up to four months early, but there isn’t a lot of rhyme or reason to when I post reviews there unless I am given a reason to post it at a certain time.

For ARCs, I have had to enact a new scheduling system in order to cut down on days where there are three to four posts per day. Say I review ARCs for three books that come out on a certain date–April 24, for instance. In the order I read them, one would be posted April 10, one April 11, and one April 12.

What I like to see in a review request:

  • the author’s name/book information
  • email address
  • a website URL
  • the synopsis of the pitched novel

Sending me a review request for an almost completely unlisted novel makes it very unlikely I will review it. If I find little to no relevant information with a Google search, it seems like there is a lack of faith in the novel from the very people trying to market it, and that makes me not want to have faith in its quality.

All of my reviews are 100% my honest opinion and I will not receive, accept, or consider any compensation for my reviews.

Still want to email me with a review request? Then click the button in the sidebar that says Email Me or email me manually at I’m looking forward to hearing from you!